Creating leaders with knowledge, positive attitudes, skills, interpersonal relationships, valuable practices and leadership qualities who can triumph the challenges and to provide required assistance to the principal, the teachers and the parents in efficient school management and in monitoring the students.


Producing leaders with full of competencies.

Principal Message

Walisinghe Harischandra Maha Vidyalaya (National School) is a mixed school situated in Anuradhapura. The capital city of North Central Province. It lies under the shade of the sacred Bo Tree.

                It was started as a small school with 7 teachers and 200 students on the 7th of September 1955. The frist principal was Mr.D.Jayathilaka. At present it has been developed into a 1AB popular school with about 5000 students, 190 teachers and 4 deputy principals.There are classes from Grade 6 to 13 with all subject streams such as Science, Maths, Commerce, Arts and Technology.

               I appreciate the contribution of all the principals and the staff from time to time to make this school a successful one. As the present principal I’ am very proud to say that this is a great achievement we have gained. Apart from that, this is a school of everything. Day by day it goes to the winning point through learning teaching process as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


A Re-Memorable Cinematic Experience Of Walisinghe Harischandra College - 66th Anniversary